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For people who have skin…

Beverly J. Carter Blog Post
November 1, 2016
Beverly J. Carter Blog Post

The integumentary system is the largest organ in the body. Did I lose you? Don’t worry, I can barely pronounce integumentary myself. The integumentary system consists of your skin, hair, and nails. This system protects deep tissue and contains millions of sensory receptors for pain, pressure and temperature. Just the sweating function of your skin both regulates your body temperature and releases waste. Your skin can function as security guard, janitor and repairman.

They prefer the title “Integumentary Engineers”

For minor cuts and bruises as well as minimum toxins, your skin is a ready made pro at repair and removal. Even for more moderate damage and contamination your skin may only need a stable work environment to complete the job such as stitches to hold a cut closed or drinking extra water to aid in toxin removal.

Extra Support for the Hardworking Skin

Essential oils are the reliable assistants for your hardworking integumentary engineers. Essential oils support and encourage the natural processes of repair and removal, cleansing and clearing, purging and protecting, touch ups and temperature.

Warning System

Your skin also acts as an early warning network for other body systems so it is good to investigate and get to the root cause of an issue rather than addressing a symptom.

Never Rule Out Emotions

Negatively or positively, emotions impact every system in your body including your integumentary system. Breathing essential oils directly affects the limbic system of the brain, aiding in releasing and removing negative emotions that may be influencing your integumentary engineers.

Oil Support for Your Healthy Integumentary System

Watch the resource video above and take note of all the great oils and supplements that support your healthy Integumentary Engineers. Then contact me for help in obtaining these amazing resources.

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For people who touch stuff and breathe stuff …
For people who have skin…

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